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Request a Spare Pool Device

By utilizing our platform you will have the option to view your "Spare Pool" requests and create new  "Spare Pool" requests directly on your dashboard.


Review your existing, previous, or request new technical support cases with our team of technical solution experts.


Clicking on this section will allow you to review all contracts with SMG3 and with manufacturers related to your hardware, software, wireless, and more.

Serial Numbers

Keeping track of your devices serial numbers has been made easy with our dashboard. Review all of your devices serial numbers here to quickly provide information to support and to maintain visibility.

SOTI Dashboard

The Edge Soti Integration Dashboard will allow you to get automatically updated information related to your devices based on location (warehouse, state, etc.) to maintain storage, instant batttery information to ensure that all devices are being properly charged and handled, when devices are being checked in, and an overall charging report. This will improve efficiency and provide you with full visibility of our business' workforce and the mobile devices.

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