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Visibility Through MobilityTM

The SMG3 EDGE: Golden Image

The SMG3 EDGE Golden Image Service is a standard image created specifically for your device and your user workflows, built by our experienced team of engineers, providing your organization the consistency it demands. The SMG3 Golden Image Service streamlines application deployment, user interface, settings management and support across your mobile enterprise. Quick and efficient repairs and deployment/re-deployment of your devices through our seamless process, in turn will increase productivity while reducing downtime in your enterprise. Finally, The SMG3 Golden Image Service will help protect your enterprise by implementing proper maintenance of your devices will be key and deploying the latest Android OS and Security patches will be essential to your operation. Features include:

  • Ease of Use
  • Enhanced Security
  • Mobile Enterprise Support
  • Streamlined Application Deployment


Software Driven Configuration

Configuration by Trained Engineers

Version Controlled Image

Quality Controlled Configuration Process

Operating System & Patch Controls

Enterprise Benefits

Reduction in User Error

Consistency Across the Enterprise

Saving Time on Deployments

Enterprise Security Enhancements

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