Agnity MobileCare

AGNITY Mobilecare is a cloud-based clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platform that meets the challenges faced by providers. It seamlessly blends unified communications and Health IT technologies into a simple and easy to use mobile and web client that supports clinical workflows which drive better patient outcomes and higher ROIs. Clinical workflows such as HIPAA compliant secure text, voice, image and video messaging to anyone; patient data access; alarms and notification from any telemetry system; medication administration; and post-discharge follow-ups are a few examples of the workflows enabled by AGNITY MobileCare. Furthermore, AGNITY MobileCare Workflow Wizard™ provides business analysis tools to allow the providers to customize clinical communication and coordination workflows down to the department level.


The AGNITY MobileCare Suite offers flexibility to select the appropriate product package based on the clinical communication and collaboration goals for each hospital system or healthcare organization. MobileCare is packaged into multiple module offerings to serve varying requirements of its customer.

As patients navigate an increasingly decentralized healthcare ecosystem, MobileCare harmonizes clinical content at the person-level, providing clinical context no matter the treatment venue.

AGNITY MobileCare is modular and enables healthcare facilities to tailor the solution to fit their clinical communications and collaboration needs. More importantly, the modular framework enables the providers to implement solutions in time periods as short as one week to over an eight week period depending on their internal requirements and workflows.

MobileCare Enterprise™

MobileCare Enterprise is designed to the meet the clinical communications and collaboration needs of acute and inpatient hospital systems. It provides contextual communications that includes secure text, voice, picture, group and broadcast messaging to anyone on smart or web devices. It enables users to set their availability status and how they choose to be communicated with. It provides on-call scheduling and staff assignment that enables everyone to know who is assigned to and caring for the patient at any time. It provides patient data access, alerts and alarms from the users personal devices, or from facility provided devices, eliminating the need for clinicians to carry multiple devices. It provides full auditing and reporting on all secure communications and collaboration through the mobile and web clients.

Critical Clinical Workflows
MobileCare TeleConsult™

MobileCare Teleconsult is targeted for physician groups, home health, and population health organizations to provide remote patient care. This will drive the costs of care for chronic disease management and improve the health of the patients. It provides the platform to connect clinicians and patients in real time via secured audio, video and text channels for better care and collaboration from anywhere and anytime.

MobileCare Monitor™

MobileCare Monitor enables providers to have a 24/7 monitoring of the patient’s condition within the hospital or from any remote location. Being integrated with hospital’s EMR and IT system, the patients’ health data can be fetched, and analyzed in correlation with data input from bedside monitors and patient’s wearable devices. The Care Team or physician will be notified and prompt attention can be provided.

  • COLLECT: Get all monitoring data from bedside monitors and wearable IoT devices
  • ANALYZE: Data is normalized by MobileCare and correlated with the patient and EMR data. Data is recorded in the database with unique patient identification.
  • Trigger Alert: Trigger Alerts based on flexible rules for alerts filtering and forwarding. Based on the rule, alerts can be triggered to all clinicians in patient’s circle of care. Multiple types of alerts i.e general, critical can be triggered by MobileCare