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SMG3Rx and Zebra understand the importance of patient care and the requirements of testing on a large scale. The efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of our healthcare workers and organizations as a whole are crucial in sustaining our everyday life. SMG3Rx has partnered with Zebra to offer top-of-the-line, industry specific barcode scanning equipment for front-line data collection, in order to improve processes and increase accuracy through superior technology and their ease of use. SMG3Rx and Zebra are here to support your organization and your workers that play a critical role in the health and safety of the nation.
Communities across the country count on the American Red Cross for help every day – and supporting those communities is at the heart of what they do. As a humanitarian organization, the American Red Cross is committed to helping those most in need.

Join SMG3Rx and Zebra as we give back to the community during these trying times. Now you can improve your business by implementing cutting edge barcode capture technology into your daily processes, and for every scanner bought, SMG3Rx and Zebra will donate $5 to the American Red Cross. Contact SMG3Rx today to learn how moving your business forwards helps give back!

DS4600 Series

The DS4600 Series for Healthcare can do it all. This versatile scanner accurately and easily captures virtually every barcode type found throughout the hospital. The disinfectant ready housing and LED aimer make the DS4600 perfect for any situation.
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These premium handheld scanners are built perfectly for healthcare environments, with unparalleled performance on virtually every barcode in any condition. The housing is designed specifically to withstand the routine hazards and disinfecting that come with a healthcare application.
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SMG3Rx Gives Back

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