SMG3 Edge



We take pride in providing the highest level of service to our customers like you. That is why we created the SMG3 EDGE, our mobile asset lifecycle management portal. It is a central location where you can easily access your orders, along with product and service information, 24×7.


  • Online procurement
    Order additional product from a pre-set list of previously purchased equipment online.
  • Asset tracking
    Obtain a comprehensive list of your company’s assets by serial number, location, warranty information, and contract numbers. We even include spare pool units.
  • Tech support
    Create tech support tickets and monitor their progress. You can see escalation, communication, closure, and follow-up procedures, making it easy for you to communicate with our services team.
  • Return merchandise authorization (RMA)
    The EDGE will create and manage RMA cases, including ticket initiation, shipping directions, and communication with all parties throughout the process.
  • Custom reporting
    Learn more about your business with our customized reports based on your specific metrics, assets, and inventory. They can be downloaded and accessed directly from the EDGE.
  • Manufacturer information
    Find up-to-date manufacturer information on bug fixes, OS updates, security patches, and upgrades.
  • Invoice and order tracking
    Easily track orders, view and pay invoices. You can also review lead times, shipping, and delivery information.

We offer several different SMG3 EDGE packages, so you can find a support plan right for you. Let us show you how our mobile asset lifecycle management portal can help you maintain your mobile strategy.