Zebra Roadmap to Building Your Mobility Strategy

5 Steps to Smartphone Messaging

Follow the SMG3Rx Roadmap
to a Better Smartphone Strategy

Step 1: Map the Ways Your Hospital Staff is Communicating

Map the constituencies and workflows that will benefit most from smartphones.
  • Assess current capabilities with current applications and devices in use
  • Examine if you have an enterprise-wide system that efficiently allows for both voice and data communications
  • Recognize potential room for advancement from outdated or consumer-grade technology

Step 2: Identify Your Key Requirements for Smartphone Communications

Determine your must-haves for communication among staff at your hospital.
  • Include reliability and roaming to prevent dropped calls
  • Plan for technical and workflow-related security measures
  • Consider employing a third-party mobile device management

Step 3: Pinpoint the Applications and Systems
Needed to Enable Key Workflows

Determine the smartphone technology needs of your key users
  • Identify the systems and applications that users access
  • Have quick access to EHR data and be able to safely share it
  • Reduce the time and increase the accuracy of the patient information recording process

Step 4: Determine How You Will Manage Alerts and Alarms

Manage alarms to help clinicians avoid alarm fatigue
  • Plan for alarms to be transmitted to smartphones that ensure patient safety and prevents alarm fatigue
  • Be able to distinguish between critical and noncritical alarms
  • Consider employing a middleware company to manage the efficiency of the alarm management system.

Step 5: Plan How You Want Your Rollout to Proceed

Set concrete short, medium, and long-term goals and establish a timeframe fo your smartphone deployment
  • A “Big Bang” is an approach for an instantaneous changeover over the entire network
  • A phased approach allows a group of users to receive devices before other groups throughout the hospital
  • Understand the pros and cons of different implementation strategies before solidifying a choice

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