Asante Case Study

Find Out How Asante Achieved Award Winning Patient Care With Mobile Clinical Communication Ecosystem

Strategic partnership with SMG3Rx & Halo helps Asante
streamline workflows, standardize communication, and stay connected with the clinical community.

How SMG3Rx is Helping Asante

  • Stage, Configure, and Deploy 800+ Smartphones
  • Enable Health System to Pursue Its Mission of Expanding Connection and Collaboration With the Local Community 
  • Simplify Clinical Workflow With Efficient Solutions
  • Streamline Critical Clinical Communication and Team Coordination

About Asante

A provider of comprehensive medical care to more than 600,000 people in Southern Oregon and Northern California, Medford, Oregon-based Asante has three hospitals and more than 30 locations. With the largest health system in a nine-county region, they have more than 5,800 employees and award-winning care. Asante’s dedication to patient care and clinician satisfaction drove them to find the right clinical communication solution.

They took a holistic and strategic approach to deploying the right network infrastructure, mobile devices, cloud-based software and integrations. 

Asante partnered with SMG3Rx & Halo Health to deploy its cloud-hosted Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform, and with SMG3Rx to implement 800+ Zebra TC51 smartphones, software and services to establish a mobile clinical ecosystem.

Important Takeaways

  • Messages Between Physicians and Nurses Can Be Delivered and Read Instantly
  • Contacting and Mobilizing a Team Quickly In an Emergency Situation Is Now Efficient and Reliable
  • Communication Between All Staff Is Now Optimized and Consistent
  • An Optimized Work Environment With Industry-Leading Communication Ultimately Creates A Better Ecosystem For Timely and Effective Patient Care

Improving Clinical Communications

Asante now has 6,500 active users who exchange an average of 1 million mobile messages a month on 800+ Zebra TC51 smartphones deployed by SMG3Rx. Clinicians are communicating more than ever and are continually finding new uses for the Halo Platform.

About SMG3Rx

SMG3Rx is the industry leader in Clinical Smartphone Integration providing device selection, workflow design,
support architecture, end-user experience and lifecycle management. Regardless of your Apps, SMG3Rx provides
consultative professional services supporting our Healthcare Client’s smartphones. We’re dedicated to providing
an innovative, cost-effective smartphone environment improving patient outcomes and caregiver interaction.

Partnership means Success

Asante’s work with SMG3Rx, Halo Health, and Zebra demonstrates the impact that having the right communication platform, devices, and partners has on an entire health system.

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