Emergency Network Response

Emergency Network Response

Mobilizing your EHR and Extending your Clinical Communications

SMG3Rx Will Help you be Responsive and Reliable.

During these unprecedented times, many organizations are having to do work in ways they haven’t before. Whether protecting their employees’ health or addressing their community’s needs, companies and government agencies are putting in place emergency plans that often require providing secure and reliable connectivity in new and unusual places.

We understand one of the ways to help our customers is to make sure that they are able to keep their employees connected and support their extraordinary efforts. And we want to do it without putting additional strain on IT staffs that are under pressure.

Over the last couple of weeks, SMG3 solutions have been used in a variety of situations to provide connectivity to locations ranging from pop-up clinics and quarantine centers to employee’s homes. We are here to provide guidance on how SMG3 can help our customers, where the greatest needs are, and recommend the best solutions that can be deployed quickly.

What Can SMG3Rx do to Help?

While our first priority is the health and safety of our employees, we want to assure you that our shipping center and support departments are adequately staffed to help process incoming orders quickly. 


Diverse Solution Offerings

Secure, instant connectivity is required for a variety of reasons. Given this specific situation, we have recommended solution packages for: 

  • Remote and at-home workers and students
  • Temporary facilities (such as triage centers, medical clinics, or local governments)
  • Digital signage
  • Schools and universities

Quick Setup

With SIM Inclusion We can include a SIM with each endpoint that is shipped to minimize the number of steps required for deployment. The cost for this service will be waived until June 30, 2020.

And a Dual-Ended Cradlepoint Network makes using Auto VPN a breeze. Auto VPN makes setting up secure connections to the datacenter or cloud very simple and those tunnels and headend routers can be managed with the same NetCloud Manager solution as the branch networks.

Direct Shipments

Endpoints can be shipped directly to your employees homes or other necessary locations. Simply provide the list of addresses when you place an order and we will do the rest.

And remember, each endpoint that is sent out will be automatically registered in NetCloud, making it simple to get started!

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